Friday, May 16, 2014

Lane Batot

Perhaps our most frequent commenter here is naturalist and dog man Lane Batot, who had at last sent us an image of himself with a young friend.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo. Lane is one-of-a-kind and greatly appreciated.

Jim Cornelius

Reid Farmer said...

Nice kitty!!

Anonymous said...

...."Who at last has sent you a RECENT image of himself"--past photos on this blog were somewhat dated and did not show my present grizzling....also sent this(sent to me by a coworker, since I have no modern camera/phone/computer thingamahjigs of my own) to perhaps illustrate WHY I tend to whine when the subject of cougar hunting comes up on this blog! Not that I would OUTLAW it were I King-Of-The-World, just that, having had several cougars as personal friends of mine, I'm inclined to view it differently than others, perhaps. Being faithful to "your own" as it were. And all of us have different "owns". Just saying.....This is one of 3 cougar cubs/kittens I'm helping raise now at the Zoo I work at--they were orphaned by a hunter(who at least had the decency to backtrack mom to her den--he hadn't realized he shot a lactating female until too late--and rescued the cubs, whose eyes were just barely opened. This occurred in Oregon--the cubs were partially raised there at the Oregon zoo, then transferred to us after they were weaned-flown across the country!). We keepers are allowed direct contact with them until they are older and potentially dangerous, so I have the EXTREMELY hard job of playing with baby cougars every morning! We ARE NOT allowed on exhibit with them once open to the public--not wanting to give any visitors the bad idea that they are good "pets"! Most of our cougars in the past have been just that, rescues from the exotic pet trade......L. B.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a great photo. An "animal guy," as I believe McGuane described himself to Stegner, shows in the hands.