Friday, January 11, 2008

Good Reading from Prairie Mary

Many here will enjoy two recent posts by writer Mary Strachan Scriver, who sometimes comments at Querencia.

Here are excerpts from each. I encourage you to read the full texts.

From the post H-ANIMAL:

"...I’ve been reading about species genomes (the close relationship between the dog genome and the human genome, for instance) and mammal brain anatomy. Evolutionary evidence is fine stuff and I love fossils, theories and imagining back to the very first ocean one-celled animals. I love the reaching out across the cosmos to the black holes and the star nurseries. But that’s not the same thing as realizing that WE are animals, that our lives are woven into the lives of animals, that viruses and larger parasites constantly move through us (see the recent NYTimes article called “Tiny Specks of Misery, Both Vile and Useful”). Our companions bring both minor and culture-changing effects. We ARE animals, we are ANIMALS, we contain reptile/mammal/primate to say nothing of billions of tiny symbionts."

And here's some of the post HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES

"...Among the issues HSUS takes on are: disasters (they show up, get on television, then disappear), dog fights (esp. the celebrity cases like Vick), high-profile humane stories like the truck-load of collies stopped at the US/Canada border, zoos, rodeos, hunting, wild horses, dog races, puppy mills, etc. Easy to demonize. Their budget for the people who travel to “hot spots” to make media appearances is about $2 million. If you look at their website, journalist’s inquiries are guided to a full panel of specialists. They have an adaptable policy towards agricultural animal abuse and oppose the eating of meat and the wearing of fur. (Pacelle is vegan.) Money changes hands."

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Dan & Margaret said...

USSA is reporting today that HSUS is being sued for defamation to the tune of $15 million by a shelter in Costa Rica. Based on this story, it would be a good idea for people and groups who ally themselves with Wayne's World watch their backs.