Monday, January 29, 2007

More Public Art

Last Fall I posted on some unusual sidewalk art that we sometimes see here in town, but I was taken aback at this inflatable, multi-tentacled, organic-looking thing installed on the top of an art gallery downtown. I suppose it might have been put up in honor of the annual Santa Barbara Film Festival that had our downtown set all ahoo last week.

Saturday evening I walked past the Arlington Theater where the street had been blocked off. A gang of workmen was setting up awnings and special lights for a red capet walk. That evening, Tom Cruise was set to be the celebrity presenter to give Will Smith a Master of Modern Cinema award. I like Will Smith and he has done some good work, but how old is he? Isn't he a little short in the tooth to be getting a career achievement award?

It was just five-ish, but people were already lined up (in the drizzle) at the barracades and staking out tables at Carlito's Cafe across the street to look at the big names.

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Anonymous said...

That career achievement award probably doesn't mean much. What does mean a lot, and not in a good way, is a "lifetime achievement" Oscar. The old joke is that if you get one of those, there's no point in buying green tomatoes anymore, if you catch my drift :)

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