Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Pretty Dog

Granddog: John Burchard's Tigger, now starting to show in coursing.


PBurns said...

That dog's got legs like a super model. Gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Steve- Is the brindle dog a saluki, a tazi or a cross? Her markings are similiar to those on my lurcher.

Steve Bodio said...

Are tazis salukis? (Or as I'd rather put it are salukis tazis?) You can get an argument, but there is no real break in the population, though the name changes somewhere in Turkey.

There are of course regional differences, even within "tazis". Lashyn, Tig's mother, is a "Semirichenski" type; her dad a blend of Almaty and Turkmeni strains. But she is all Asian.

Brindles are more common in Eastern strains though not unknown in Arab lines. A friend has one from Iranian Kurdistan.