Sunday, April 15, 2007

Big News

The Big News that I have been promising has finally arrived. I have just signed a contract with Reaktion Books in England to write a book on Eagles for their Animal Series.

For a good example of their books go here for Falcon by Helen Macdonald, our beloved Pluvialis, to whom I owe this opportunity. Visit her
to see a portfolio of her late dad Alisdair's work. They are iconic images and I'll bet you already know some-- I did.

And yes, I intend to keep blogging-- writing begets writing.


JohnnyUK said...

Congratulations Steve, I can sense the burning excitement from over here.

It will be the Eagle Book of all

I will drink to your success in Real Ale tonight .

Good on you


dr. hypercube said...

VERY exciting news - congrats - I can't wait.

PBurns said...

Excellent! And congratulations. They got the right author. :)


Mark Churchill said...

Liked Helen's book Falcon. Liked Steve's book Eagle Dreams a lot. Really, really looking forward to Eagle.

But hey, no pressure. ;)

Heidi the Hick said...

Yaaaaaay!!!!! i love good news!!

margory said...

o well done!
Something to look forward to.

Annie D said...

I've been trying to think up something subtle, clever and zingy, but it just didn't happen. So I'll just skip that.
Steve, I'm proud of you and I'm glad I know you. You have made good choices.
Annie D