Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm blushing. John Carlson at Prairie Ice has had some very nice things to say about us. (John was my best man when I married Libby in Bozeman, MT).

You should always pay attention to his blog on birds and books and more. He lives an enviable life as a biologist in his (native) home on the plains of eastern Montana, with occasional trips to Antarctica. He has appeared here before in a tux in "his" penguin colony-- perhaps Matt can dig it up?.

I'll have to try to rmemember that tenth book...


margory said...

ha! thanks for link. I confess - I too have had a Bodio Reading List!
That quote about the risk of getting to know an author - who better for a good read of others than one whose work one really likes!
This is fun!

Anonymous said...

Nice list! "Nobody's Angel" is actually my favorite McGuane novel. I really enjoyed "Smilla's Sense of Snow" that I don't think we have ever talked about, Steve. I have all of the O'Brian series - I'm actually sort of proud that I discovered him before he caught on. I got my first Aubrey-Maturin book, "The Mauritius Command" in the airport in Casper in 1981.

Reid Farmer