Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Doom, Doom..

From England of course. As the English sailors cash in on their captivity with TV interviews and E- bay sales, the BBC cancels a documentary on the newest recipient of the Victoria Cross.

"He's the first living recipient of the Victoria Cross since two Aussies, Keith Payne and Rayene Stewart Simpson, were honored with the Commonwealth's highest award for gallantry in 1969 for their service in Vietnam, and he's the first living recipient in the British Army since Lance-Corporal Rambahadur Limbu of the 10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles won his in the Confrontation with Indonesia in 1965. Private Beharry is one of only 12 living Victoria Cross holders. But his story might "alienate" the British public."

But the poor captives were subjected to-- ridicule! "Royal Navy detainee Arthur Batchelor told the Daily Mirror that the Iranians taunted him by comparing his features to those of the comic British character, Mr. Bean."

The Dalai Lama is made of sterner stuff. Here is a pic Libby took of one of the "Dalai Lama's soldiers"-- a Khampa-- up on the Tibetan border of eastern Nepal. Long ago and far away...


Jerry said...

Interesting Kopel post on the warrior traditions of Tibet. I had always bought into the Shangri-La-ism he refers to. But a few years ago when I visited the Field Museum to see the Tsavo Lions they also had an exhibit of Tibetan artifacts. I was astonished by the large number of weapons displayed.

Chas S. Clifton said...

By order of the Ministry of Defense, captured personnel are permitted to reveal only their name, rank, serial number, and literary agent.

Actually, the outcry has been such that the MoD has done a 180.

Steve Bodio said...

Good one Chas.

I should add that when Libby and her late first husband harry were camping with the Khampas that they (Khampas not Libby & Harry) were raiding into China!

JohnnyUK said...

Lions led by donkeys - Max Hoffmann