Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thinking Blogger Meme

Chas, at his Hardscrabble Creek Blog, has tagged me with the "Thinking Blogger" meme. Ouch! I read many (too many) blogs and have many friends among them. I don't know that all make me THINK in the sense of change my perception-- some just delight me-- but some do. More than five though...

Chas himself at Hardscrabble. A teacher of writing and comparative religion who is also a hunter, dog man, gun nut, and practicing Pagan?

Darren. I have learned more new evo- bio and taxonomy from him than anyone but Jonathan Kingdon.

Pluvialis. LANGUAGE!

Mary. Can there be such thing as a wise female curmudgeon?

Rod: A Green Orthodox anti- war conservative. And he's still a relative kid!

Patrick: another curmudgeon. Tough love for hunters.

Doc. Letters from the cyber edge, plus art, hawks, dogs & frogs.

A new one: Clio: Canadian Catholic pop (and high) culture muse.

That'll do for this week...

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Mary said...

Aaauuuggg! I love all these same blogs and go crazy trying to keep up with them all ... but then crazier when the bloggers STOPS for a while and I wonder what happened to them. Swallowed? Eloped? Hired? What GREAT people and I don't even have to take my nightie off to listen to them! (Of course, if they were HERE, I'd put something else on if I took my nightie off...) So many smart aleck ripostes come to mind when reading them! So many times I go scurrying off to my bookshelves to check something out! So many ideas for my own blogs. It's great. It's the best. I'm so glad to be alive at this bloggy time!!!

Yeah, I'm usually a curmudgeon -- dunnno how wise, though.

Prairie Mary