Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Prairie Ramble

Just a few pictures from a stroll the dogs and I took last Sunday in the Hidden Mesa Open Space. This ruined windmill and tank were along the way.

I haven't found any bats under overpasses here yet, but saw lots of swallow nests under this one.

I was able to catch this butterfly grabbing lunch from a thistle.

Where DID that prairie dog go? The route we took goes through two large prairie dog towns and we constantly heard the prairie dogs' chirping alarm calls. The girls were kept busy fruitlessly chasing from hole to hole. Maggie in particular, seemed to be driven to distraction when she heard them. I said to her, "You must think they're saying bad things about your mama."

Most of the yuccas finished blooming here a couple of weeks ago. I kept meaning to get pictures but didn't get it done. I was able to catch this late bloomer along the way.

We continue to have a progression of wildflower blooms. We saw lots of these prickly poppies open. There were also lots of lupines, but they were past their peak.

It was a warm day and it was good that the girls could cool off in Cherry Creek on our way back to the truck. I had a hard time convincing Sadie to get out of the water - when I called her she'd just look at me and grin. Luckily they air-dried by the time I had to load them.

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dearieme said...

Could your thistle be an artichoke?