Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well, Dang...

I feel like I'm 5.4 Random Things in debt!

But this is fun. I'm learning things about my blog partners I didn't know.

To keep the chain letter going, I'll finish my job.

1) We just had our kitchen remodeled. It's much nicer than it was, with a new tile back splash, granite counter tops and task lighting, among other improvements. But the big change--the point at which a house becomes a home--already happened. Some months after Katrina, once our New Orleans friends had regained their footing and found new digs, I realized it was their stay with us that completed our home. We had lived in what was merely a house for two years prior to that.

2) I've worked for LSU (Reid's "abandoned outhouse") for more than 10 years, most of which I've spent in Web development. I am the least technically-proficient professional Web developer you will ever meet. And three months into my new job, I have digressed further in that area. Don't tell my boss.

3) Speaking of Reid's Outhouse (do I sound defensive yet?) they may actually find it. University archaeologists are now excavating the old state capital in search of the buildings that once held the young military school that would become LSU.

4) Small world randomness: My hawk Charlie had a male offspring who was purchased and flown by Teddy Moritz, who is a part-time groundhog hunter and an acquaintance of Patrick Burns's and breeds hunting dachshunds, one of which is owned by Steve Bodio. Teddy is also a longdog fanatic and has corresponded with Gregg Barrow about the Hancock lurchers they both own (as does Steve). We all met independently of each other!

5) I have fewer college degrees than any adult in my immediate family, including both parents, brother, and wife. My BA in sociology marks the beginning of the family backslide into illiterate peasantry. I'm sort of proud of that.

.4) I have a small, C-shaped scar on my...?


Reid Farmer said...

That dig on campus is very cool, Matt.

The rest of that old song:

"Oh the odor,
Oh the odor,
Oh what a horrible smell,
Before I'd go to LSU,
I would go to Hell"

And don't be defensive or take it personally. LSU is a wonderful school - I was just warped at an impressionable age!

Matt Mullenix said...

No offense taken! :-)

(We have songs about Tulane...)

Dymphna said...

whew. Close call. We got tagged with this one, too, and I almost tagged you guys. But I came over to check first...good thing, too, since someone beat me to it.

Besides, I couldn't think of a one line description to put in parenthesis after your blog name. It kind of defies description, wouldn't you say.

An interesting difference: when we were tagged, the Baron mentioned it but he has so many projects going I knew he wouldn't get to it so I answered all eight, including some for him. That probably makes him hen-pecked, though he did seem relieved that I decided what the world would know about him.

Y'all, on the other hand, are so collegial in comparison. As in being very guy-ish. A compliment, in case you're wondering.

Dymphna said...

Back in the dim reaches of the past I dated a boy from Tulane. At the time I was a nursing student at Charity...much tamer days were those.

I used to sign out on Friday nights with a Jewish student and we'd go to temple before heading down the street for gin and tonics.

Ah, the humidity...