Friday, August 24, 2007

New Dawg

Our friend Henry Chappell over at Home Range writes a good story about getting his new pup: a field-bred (ain't no other kind) mountain cur. She's a cutie.

Incidentally, I'm always impressed by blog posts with dialog.

"You don't say?"

I do. Chappell blogs like a writer of quality print features, which he is. There's dialog, character development, humor and a point. I appreciate the free copy!


Henry Chappell said...

Thanks for your kind words, Matt. I think my hat size just increased.

Dan & Margaret said...

Very cool. We just happen to be in New Mexico this weekend picking up a new pup.. (also a UKC breed), agonizing over the choices. You can see them over at the Hare-Brained Express blog..
No dialog.