Monday, August 13, 2007

A Real Afghan

I have been trying to get over 100 illos for the Eagle so have been very busy but visual images are pouring in. So it's time for Photoblogging!

First: a real hunting Afghan from Afghanistan. According to our friend Jutta Ruebesam: "She was found in the streets of Kabul by a member of a German organisation. She was nearly starving. So they cared for her for some years and brought her to Germany when they left Afghanistan."

Intact of course. European dog folks don't share our fetish for neutering. She will doubtless be bred to German racing and lure coursing lines. Notice her "pattern" coat, not long like a show Afghan's. Jutta also says she is as tiny and muscular as our Atai. She should know-- she has seen and photographed both. Her name, oddly for a German dog, is "Dusty".


dr. hypercube said...

Nice! Thanks - I've wondered what a real Afghan looks like - saw some pics of Taigans on the web, but - as usual - you nailed it...

H Houlahan said...

That looks like a real dog!

I once saw an Afghan hound "expert" on a teevee show proclaim that there had been no genetic change in the Afghan to get the floor-length show-dog hair -- the owners had all just learned to groom better.


Nightmare said...

That is a proper Afghan. A real Afghan. She's gorgeous. I have a collection of old photographs of early dogs that look a lot like her. It would be interesting to see how her coat changes from winter to summer.

h houlihan: that is a common refrain. You should hear them talk about how the long coat doesn't actually slow the dog down when it's running. You CAN get the coat to grow much longer if you mess with it but you have to breed for coverage and the ridiculous heavy coat. Today's show dogs often do not have a natural slick saddle, it's disappeared due to breeding for heavy coats and must be ::shudder:: shaved or stripped. There was a bitch imported from Afghanistan in the early eighties (not nearly as nice as this one and no, I haven't the faintest idea how they got her registered with AKC, but they did), and I've pictures of her with a very long unnatural coat. It isn't pretty. And the dog looks rather embarrassed.

Thanks so much for posting that, Mr. Bodio, it's made my day. I hope no one minds if I steal the image for my collection.

Paul said...


Zac said...

Is there a reason (esthetic or functional) for the middle eastern type breeds, borzoi and afghans, to have a short coat with areas of long coat? Why not long all over like Scottish deerhounds? Just curious.

Steve Bodio said...

Psovoya borzoi--- what we call borzoi in English speaking countries-- "borzoi" is simply Russian for "sighthound")-- are rather different, with a more uniform thick coat-- longer in show dogs-- derived from the northern half of their ancestry. They are only half "Asian".

Afghans etc probably have a compromise coat-- long on legs to keep those thin parts warm, shorter on the body to aid heat loss when running.

Deerhounds have a very different coat-- for wetter weather?

My tazis have an almost (working) Afghan- type coat during their first winter --I may post later.

Afghan folks-- any thoughts?

pepiola said...

Nice bitch. It reminds me of one of our foundation bitches we got from Hungary. Our kennel (Synergon) experimented with breeding functional afghans. We had excellent results, sadly America was not ready for them, not enough coat and wrong look. You are right some Europeans seem to value function over static beauty.. Synergon Afghans

МонаРи said...

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Unknown said...

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