Monday, August 20, 2007

Snakes in a Box

This story tells of two Denver men who planned to murder a man who owed them $60,000 by forcing him to put his legs in a box filled with rattlesnakes. Sounds like I moved to a tough neighborhood.


Peter said...

Killing someone because he owes you money, as opposed to busting his legs or something, is an amazingly stupid idea. Pure left-tail-of-the-Bell Curve thinking. Dead men are notoriously lousy payors.

Mark said...

I'm pretty sure the creditor (loan shark, bookie, etc.) has decided to write off the debt by that point. Instead, they're advertising the potential consequences of non-payment, pour encourager les autres.

In that context, the box-full-of-rattlesnakes idea is perfect: grotesque and sure to grab attention.