Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Dawg, Part Deux

Travelling duo Dan Gauss & Margaret Fairman own and operate Shot On Sight Photography, a provider of fantastic images of performance sighthounds and regulars on the lure coursing and OFC circuits. Dan and Margaret are obligate, itinerant RV enthusiasts and bone-deep longdog people, pursuing their dreams.

You can follow their travels at, where you'll also find some great shots of their new pup.

Cheers, guys!


Dan & Margaret said...

Well... this explains why our site counter, which normally plods along at a staid 7-8 hits per day is suddenly doing 15-20. And they almost all have one referring site in common! :) Still just a Multicellular Microorganism, however.
Thanks for the kind words Matt, even though I had to look up "obligate" to make sure I understood it as a compliment ;-) We finally have a chance to slow down after a hectic past two weeks. Just posted a new photo of the eponymously named, (as you will see), "Watermelon Man

Anonymous said...

Hi - I hope this isn't too incredibly tactless of me -

But I am a falconer in the sage of Idaho, I fly a Harris Hawk that came to me as a result of an owner that didn't work out - and also a dog from another owner that didn't work out. This dog and hawk get aong well and the dog is actually a lab/greyhound with legs a yard long. Is there anyone I can get in touch with on teaching these two animals to hunt together? They enjoy each other's company so far and I'd like to help them out having a good life doing what they seem to love but don't have totally figured out yet.

It was actually this post that lead me to the realization that I might have something close to a "lurcher". Thank you - Kelly at