Friday, November 09, 2007

Back-- for a moment...

I am in the throes of completing Eagle. It is the hardest part, at least for me-- getting all the illos, paying, begging (often repeatedly) for promised material, scanning (all slide scans must be done in Albuquerque, 100 miles away, and I don't HAVE them all yet) and arranging them to Reaktion's arcane system (on CD at 300+ DPI, on paper with captions and permissions, and in- text "in brightly coloured ink, in the right margin" with recommendations as to whether they be large, medium, or small. This for at least 100, but they reserve the right to shoot down any, so I'm aiming for about 120 to make sure I am FINISHED. All by December first.

I will be very glad when this is done.

So blogging has been unforgivably light, and will be for a few weeks more. But I'll add some links and pretty pix to amuse today, and promise more substantial stuff soon (I promised Patrick a post on wolves, for instance.)

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PBurns said...

Oh man, you're at the part that is so *frustrating*. 'Cause it's not writing, which you have expertise in, but FUTZING with the damn stuff, which takes 75% of the energy for no value what-so-ever and you are outside the comfort zone of words and carriage returns. I am starting a big new typing excercise myself, and while the writing has me pretty sober (and tired just thinking about), the assembly of the end product in the Spring has me positively scared. So sympathies from Ol' Virginny.

Putting out a book is about like giving dry birth to a porcupine.