Friday, February 08, 2008

New ( to me) blogs

Here are some good ones I have found by looking around in the comments sections of my and other's blogs.

First, Luisa's GREAT dog blog Lassie Get Help. Luisa is a native Californian who trains Border collies and defends Pit Bulls. Vicki Hearne would have loved her. She also blogs on other subjects dear to Q Blog's heart, like sustainable agriculture, and the evils of Big Corn. Read the archives too!

Frequent commenter, falconer, and dachshund man Mark Churchill has started a blog on those subjects and others based in Nebraska: Flyover Country.

And a series of links through Chas led me to the remarkable Talking Pictures, a blog by a philosophically- minded woman in India who is both a graduate student in animal behavior and a remarkable photographer. Nothing else in the Blogosphere is quite like it-- visually splendid and thought- provoking as well.

Matt, put 'em on the blogroll!


Luisa said...

Thanks! That's great praise. [Vicki would probably have hit me over the head with a board for using words like "squee."]

I have to put in a plug for The Ethicurean, speaking of ag.

I loved Living Small in Montana: What’s in your freezer?

Mark Churchill said...

Well, I guess I'm committed now...

Thanks for the plug!

Matt Mullenix said...

Blogroll on!

Natasha said...

Hi, thanks for the plug!