Saturday, April 12, 2008


I want to do more original content (and maybe therefore post less?) but have a lot of linkage stored. Onward!

I like Rod Dreher's version of a Doomsday cult.

Guns for vasectomies? Interesting priorities! HT Tam.

High- end eagle hunting video here at Patrick's. Best flights I have seen on film yet, though I once saw one toss up like that flying at a fox in Mongolia.

Sippican says there are some good things about the modern world. I believe SOME of those (are good that is.)

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Lauren McGough said...

Hi Steve,

That video of the Roe hawking is from Josef Hiebeler's (the author of 'Der Steinadler in der Falknerei') annual Christmas Meet in Austria. The sheer quality of the hawking the man does is just incredible...I'll have to tell you about that, and his imprinting techniques soon. I've seen him - literally - with one hand pick up an imprint golden off a hare it had caught by its feet, place it on the glove, and hood it without a trace of resentment.

Thanks for the post!