Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pursuits of Happiness

Wicken Fen

Helen finally came back online Monday with a revealing post in signature Pluvian style. For everyone in search of the naked self---your truest incarnation---and the way to be where it belongs, Helen's discovery suggests it may not be so far away.

Pursuit of happiness is one of our stated missions at Querencia. How many of you are making gains in this effort?


Anonymous said...

A wonderfully evocative description of a visit to a UK East Anglian Gem , less than 40 miles from my home .
Before being a National Trust site, Wicken was famous for wildfowling , and was the haunt of one of my my heroes, the writer James Wentworth Day, whose stories fired my enthusiasm for bird shooting, and stay with me still.

The weather here has been warm, and Balmy even. Last evening I went trout fishing for the first time this spring, at 6pm .

I was the only person on the place. I set up on a small promontory , and fished continuously for 3 hours.

I had 2 bites but they both broke free! There were rises all around from 8pm , and Petra, my Lab, sat and marvelled at the fish rising and jumping , as if mesmerised.

The sun slowly went down,just as i the Wicken picture, a pair of Canada geese dropped in, and some Mallard circled- It was a very peaceful and cathartic experience .

Hope the weather lasts!


Matt Mullenix said...

Johnny that sounds like a solid advance toward happiness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt

I try , sometimes, not to be too hedonistic, which is more my nature.

As a contrast, I am off for the weekend to Riga with future Son in Law's Party for his Stag

I will probably need a further dose of solitude on Monday to recharge spiritual ( not alcoholic) batteries.

Life is too good to waste!


Ted said...

Haven't seen a picture that beautiful since I took them myself just south of Clovis.
Excellent, and thanks!