Tuesday, June 17, 2008


... for non- existent bloggage. I have been busy, ill, overextended, and probably depressed, though too much A, B, and C to take notice. I am involved in a lawsuit over last year's work (if it is ever resolved it will be a splendid tale for Michael Blowhard's critiques of modern publishing); am trying to get over a 6- month persistent antibiotic- resistant sinus infection, going to physical therapy for my arthritis in my hip and back when I can. I am trying to write the new book and convince my agent that a book combining travel, dogs, and science is viable. I am dealing with a difficult hawk (Gos) and a demanding but delightful one (baby, "Shunkar".) All this and not sleeping much. Though this is not a self - baring blog (or maybe I am not a person comfortable with such?) I feel a bit of explanation is in order!

I need to get working here, though. I have reviews, links, and photos that need exposition. There are so many reviews they may not be long but I will try to at least convey essence. Then maybe later ones will get back to length again...


dodson said...

I have suffered sinus problems for my whole 65 years. I had a really tough one last winter until a friend recommended a "Neti Pot". You use it to irrigate the sinuses with warm salt water. I now use it every day-- cured my sinus infection and reduced my allergies to ragweed etc. Some ENT's say if their patients all used them, they would have no patients.

Look for it on the web, as I imagine there is no Whole Foods in Magdalena. It is about $8 and will make you well.

Steve Bodio said...

Thanks, Dobson. I DO use a Neti pot-- I seriously doubt I would be alive without it (and Pneumonia shots).

I suffer from an obscure genetic condition. Less than ten years ago it was found that people with a single gene (CFTR) for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) often suffer from milder CF symptoms, especially after 50, including thick mucus, recurrent bacterial pneumonia after viral pneumonia, and "colonization" by resistant bacteria in the sinuses. I was tested and have the gee, as do many in my large family (one of whom died of CF.)

There is not much on the web but i assure you it is real if under- studied-- my sister, who also has the gene (her daughter is the one who died of CF), is head of a special CF ward in Boston, and my excellent doc who moved away last year was on top of the literature.

Since she left I have been a bit at sea. Maybe I should blog this-- it IS genetics (;-))

Steve Bodio said...

Sorry-- Dodson. My hurry to respond to your excellent answer.

Steve Bodio said...

And gene, not "gee". I am running around feeding two hawks!