Friday, June 06, 2008

Hidalgo Under My Skin

I found this article fascinating: a series of tourism ads that feature pictures of famous prehistoric ruins body-painted on the torso of a beautiful actress, has been found in violation of Mexican law.

"The country’s anthropology institute, based in Mexico City, does more than just serve as Mexico’s monument police. It oversees a vast collection of pyramids, shrines and other attractions, all more than a century old. With 800 researchers, the institute churns out academic treatises that seek to make sense of the country’s past. It also rejects anything seen as exploiting a historical artifact’s dignity."

I discussed this with an archaeology colleague who is a Mexican citizen who says it is fairly common for print ads and billboards that "trivialize" Mexican history to be banned like this. Brings a whole new perspective on the recurrent controversies on flag burning that happen in this country.

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Moro Rogers said...

I know some guys who would kill to be those ruins.=p