Thursday, July 03, 2008

Breed Names

From Luisa at "Lassie Get Help" comes this irresistible compendium of breed names from actual registrations. I have heard "Datsun" for "Dachshund" myself. But how about "Winner " or "Weiner Boy" or "Doxin" for that breed? Or "Pet Bull" or "Pul Bill" or "Pit Bowl"? How about "Crocker Spaniard" or "Shit Zoo"? More and worse-- RTWT!

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PBurns said...

I just got an inquiry from somone in Canada who was told the dog they bought was a "Fritz" terrier. The picture shows a dog that *might* be a German Hunt terrier cross. Or a mutt. And then there was the guy breeding Frenchies with something else and calling them "den terriers." Riiiight.