Wednesday, July 09, 2008


After posting the link to Ruhlman on food below I went and caught up on the miles of quite wonderful comments.

I like "fussy" pro Mike Pardus's comment among many others (good for "writer" as well.)

"Hi, y'all.......It's nice to see that things settled down a bit since Michael posted my comments on initial post.For those of you who are still pissed off at me, I owe an explanation.

"Being a cook is my identity, probably more so, even, than being a parent. If you ask "what do you do?" or "what ARE you?" I answer "I'm a cook" or, maybe, "I teach cooking".

"I also drive a pick-up to work - that does not make me a "trucker"

"I have a garden, but I'm not a "farmer"

"I've published articles and co-authored books - and gotten PAID for it, but I'm not a "writer"

"I home, at work, when I'm on vacation or visiting friends. It's what I do when I'm sad or lonely or happy and full of energy, and if I cook for you in my home or yours, it's the best way I can express friendship and love.

"If I ask you "what do you do?"....what's you're first response?......if it's "I'm a cook", then you probably are."

For the record, I LIKE knowing what the real technique is even if I sometimes, even often, take a shortcut. That way you know what you are doing (and ,maybe what you are missing.) That doesn't make me a pro chef but I think I'm a cook.

The post has also made me update my wish list. If anyone buys me one of these I will cook for them if they ever visit Casa Q-- but then I would anyway.

I'd even cook for this guy, seen here with Libby. Probably game....

(Actually, I am cooking a recipe from him tonight.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Libby

Great to see you looking so Glamorous and Happy! - dress is same colour as Junes's at our recent W - You obviously both have similar, great taste!


LabRat said...

There are no words for how jealous we are right now.

Karen said...

Libby, I am also so jealous - I have scary-fun dreams eating "many things" with him...and you do look fabulous...sis-in-law-K