Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This weekend we found some. Odd-- not many, but HUGE, two the size of my head. Although we only got about ten big ones they made up into a generous risotto, a side dish with elk steaks, and two gallon jars of dried 'shrooms.

You can get an idea here:

We had so many that we covered all available indoor spaces and had to dry some in our immobile Jeep. Yard cars have their uses! (That's Libby's boss, postmaster Greg V, loading it up).

If it stays damp we have hopes for next week too.

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Max Inclined said...

Nice haul! I've done a little hunting and would love to get my hands on a cache of morels one of these days...

Thanks for your sympathy in my blog. In 16 yrs I've managed to avoid having a hawk die, which I would say puts me in the 'damm lucky' category.