Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Food and AR News

In Oakland you can have an actual farm, pigs and all.

But in Chicago, the banningest city in the US (pigeons, foie gras, handguns), HSUS wants to compel you to cut off your dogs' gonads.

Of course they say it is a good thing. The Sportsman's and Animal Owners Voting Alliance thinks differently:

"The distorted reasoning for this ordinance, as stated by Ald. Burke, is that the ordinance will increase public safety by targeting gangs and others that keep unsterilized dogs. It is beyond reason to think that anyone who engages in dog fighting, which is already a felony under Illinois state law, will obey a newly enacted spay/castration ordinance or submit to background checks to apply for a breeding permit."

Yeah, right. And the same people are making the same arguments in this state.

Meanwhile, also in CA, they are firebombing medical researchers in their homes, while so- called non- violent associates claim it is justified. If someone gets killed-- and they will-- I hope it is one of the bad guys, but in California it is more likely to be the law abiding who is unarmed...

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Andrew Campbell said...

Re: Chicago

John Yates and the American Sporting Dog Alliance have gained access to the Chicago Animal Shelter Aliiance's shelter data for 2007. This otherwise not publicly available data strongly suggests: "Thus, for all practical purposes, it is fair to say that no healthy and adoptable dogs were euthanized in the City of Chicago last year... One of the stated reasons for the forced pet sterilization ordinance that is before City Council now is an alleged over-population of pets in Chicago. The shelter data completely refutes this allegation." Hopefully Chicago dog-owners can show up en masse and send this silly idea packing.