Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fence posts

I love living in the country, but when we moved our new house into our ram pasture in the middle of the sagebrush without a yard and fence, the dang bulls kept trying to scratch their itchy spots on the side of the house, or on the truck mirrors, and the horses would do battle with the dogs over dog food bowls. So I had my son install grass and a wooden picket fence. I think they look strange and out of place out here in the sage. I actually prefer dirt (which of course is horned toad habitat).

Anyway, I've really spruced the place up now, making a donation to our local library foundation so I could bring home the prettiest fenceposts in the entire county.

Here's photos of my favorite two fenceposts. The one with the signs of the main streets in our town actually has a solar light on top, while the other had the most beautiful chickadees painted by a local artist.

These fenceposts were sold at a silent auction after being created by local artists and ranchers as part of the Smithsonian's national program "Between fences." The program promoted thoughtful discussion and reflection on the cultural history of fences and land use. It explored how we divide and protect, offend and defend through the boundaries we build, as individuals, neighbors and nations. Great program, and I think some of the best parts remain in my yard.

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