Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! (With Eagles)

Blogging will resume at a better level in 2009; in particular, a lot of books to review stacked up to the right of the box, and two holiday meals (Christmas's bigos, a Polish stew with game and sauerkraut, and today's cassoulet-- still in assembly) to document.

To amuse meanwhile: Andrey Kovalenko in Kazakhstan linked me to this amazing video of an eagle attacking two displaying male Capercaillies on a lek. Look at the suicidal aggressiveness of the second cock!

I wandered around in the eagle video pages after that. We have all seen some of the popular ones but I thought this one had some very nice still pics of the "Great Philippine eagle" (better known as the Monkey eater). I wonder what the function of the unique bill is?

Which leads to this one, of a Steller's sea eagle in training. (She seems very friendly). The function of this huge bill is thought to be breaking into the carcasses of large marine mammals in places like Kamchatka, where dead blubber is a resource...

Finally, the biggest eagle of all. Notice the odd (Spanish) dubbing-- they just speak over the English. Previously only encountered that in Mongolia and Kazakkhstan- in the second case, Russian over SpongeBob Squarepants.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve & Libby

Still up at 2.30 am UK time 1st Jan!!
Happy New Year to all in US time zones ( before I finally flake out , and retire to my bed!!)

Hope 2009 brings better luck, more hunting opportunities , and more commissions!

Have a good one - I certainly intend to!!( Life ain't no rehersal - credit crunch or not!!)


Mike Spies said...

Steve - you said my private magic word -- Cassoulet!

Best for the new year