Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Web Miscellany

The NY Times has an interesting piece on Texas rattlesnake roundups. Fascinating that they actually put it in the sports section.

Get your Simon Bolivar action figures!

Nederland, Colorado just hosted the 2009 edition of Frozen Dead Guy Days. I need to get up there next year to give you all a first-hand account.

And speaking of dead folk, here's a profile of Dr. Bill Bass and his famous Body Farm. I mentioned in a post some time back that I worked with Dr. Bass on an excavation project in Tennessee in the 1970s. He really did expect us to go straight for the burials and ignore all the other archaeological remains.

Homeowners in Perth may get to pay their water bill by the flush.

A couple of "Web Miscellanies" back I had a link to a piece on a coyote trapper in the Los Angeles area. Here's a profile of one of his colleagues in Colorado.

And here's a piece on alternative methods of wild animal birth control.

The Roman Catholic Church has a long history of incorporating other cultural phenomena into its ritual (Christmas trees, anyone?). It goes for it again by issuing a prayer book for use with the Latino custom of quinceaneras.

Click through to some wonderful pictures of "armored" beetles in a piece on Nature's arms race.

Get in touch with your inner Captain Kirk by owning a USS Enterprise captain's chair. Beam me up, Scotty!


Anonymous said...

What shocked me is not that some men have Enterprise captain's chairs, but that they also have wives.


LabRat said...

Trek dorkdom is not exclusive to men. Trust me on this. ;)

Anonymous said...

Trek dorkdom is not exclusive to men. Trust me on this. ;)

I'm still surprised that the men in the article were married. Trek "dorkdom" is probably similar to the Renaissance Faire situation. Renfairs are popular with women, so a lot of nerdy Beta men who are failures with women attend Renfairs, figuring they'll meet women. The problem is that the women who go to Renfairs aren't too interested in the men who go to Renfairs!