Thursday, May 14, 2009

Smart Corvids

And for pleasure: A BBC feature on the always- amazing abilities of Corvids, with videos. HT Jonathan Hanson.


Max Inclined said...

Good thing crows aren't eligible for driver training ... that'd mean the end of the human race ;)

BTW, when I pick up that little gossy fuzzball at SFO, all sense will go out the window.

Susan Williams Beckhorn said...

Hey Steve!
Found your page and blog when researching for my new book (working title: In the Shelter of the Sky) which will be a sequel to Wind Rider (Harper Collins/Laura Geringer 2006). This is pretty wierd, you writing about domestication of dogs and me writing about domestication of horses. I got to do a talk and book signing at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburg in February, see The Horse exhibit, and meet Sandra Olsen, a researcher who I have been in contact with by email for several years. She thinks the dogs of my time period (6000 years ago) were like Samoyeds. I'd like to hear your thoughts. There are dogs in my books.

I still write mid-grade and YA fiction, but I like it to seem possible. Let's drum up a trip to Kazakhstan! Gotta try that koumiss.

If you don't remember, I was a student of yours at Wildbranch and my brother Ted is a friend of yours from GSJ days.

Susan Williams Beckhorn