Friday, May 15, 2009

Web Miscellany

I predicted it here several months ago: the NY Times discovers the deep freeze! Also that manure can be good for your garden!

In a work of staggering genius, an Australian invents a process to make paper from wombat poop.

In barbeque-mad Memphis (my old home town), the Italian community has accomodated local tastes by inventing barbeque spaghetti and pizza. I know the article says barbeque pizza was invented at Coletta's Restaurant, but the current best is made by my high school friend Mike Garibaldi.

In the current economic environment, French investors are giving new meaning to the term cash cow.

You've heard me complain many times about the food world's neglect of that Southern staple, grits. Now people are starting to pay some attention to another one: buttermilk.

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Faine said...

I remember getting barbeque pizza as a kidlet from Pizza Hut in Florida. I'm rather thrilled to discover there's a much tastier version on offer in Memphis! And buttermilk really needs some gourmand love...