Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Mauser

I had long given up on my quest for the perfect Mauser,as detailed in several posts here-- my 7 X 57 was sufficient, despite its "59 Cadillac" styling and lack of iron sights-- I am old fashioned about them.

So when an old friend, dryland farmer and craftsman Daniel Howell came to see me recently I had no idea that another was on the way. He explained that he and his wife were going to move to Hawaii to be close to her aging parents, "and I have something you might like".

He did. It was a classic pre- war Mauser sporter.

It has good iron sights, a 4X Weaver scope, and a barrel- band swivel mount.

It also has double set triggers which, I like, and a cartridge trap in the toe of the stock.

Best of all, it is as accurate as the last one, but is in caliber .270-- which I can buy 300 feet away-- unlike the other caliber.

It is a keeper.


mdmnm said...

Beauty! Love the slender lines on the stock and the bullet trap is very classy. Hard to beat the K-4 either. I'm not a fan of see-through mounts, though.

Now that you're shooting a pre-war .270 after years with a 7x57 are you going to start channeling O'Connor?

Nagrom said...

Lovely, and from the look of it loved, rifle - Very nice gift.
Whats the barrel length?

Steve Bodio said...

24 inches. MDMNM-- weren't most of Jack's custom Model 70's and Springfields? This may be a new tradition!

Anonymous said...

Steve--What a lithe, lovely rifle--if your other equates to a '59 Caddy, this looks more like a Jag XKE. Is it an Oberndorf gun, or marked with a maker's name? Slightly off-topic, but any thoughts on the Mannlicher Schoenauer? I've been reading you for years, but can't recall any prior mention. Thanks for all you do--
Malcolm Brooks

mdmnm said...


I think they all were, particularly that famous Model 70 restocked by Biesen.

I can't quite see in the photos- Model 70 style safety, original Mauser, or Mauser modified for a short throw for the scope? Hope you're able to make game with it soon.

Steve Bodio said...

Anonymous-- I think it is an Oberndorff gun, rebarreled, but I am not sure of Mauser markings (the "Cadillac" is on a Czech sporting action).

I love Mannlicher- Schoenauers-- have only owned one, in 30.06, and it was not very accurate. I really want a 6.5, but at tthis economic stage of my life it would probaly have to be another gift!

MDMNM-- I forgot to say-- how did you even see those scope mounts? They are awkward and will probably be replaced some day, but it is still accurate.

mdmnm said...


The shot of it in the back of the truck with the bolete: slender gun, slender scope- stuck way up high off the action. A closer look and you can see the gap in the mounts. Since they're secure and the gun shoots, I'm sure they'll work. If the bases are Weaver it'll be no problem to trade them out for some lower rings and then the whole package will really look nice.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Handsome rifle. I have a weakness for the Mannlicher version too, for familial reasons, but yours is a classic -- and, as you say, the caliber is more convenient.