Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Links #1

Perhaps the ridiculous, the risible, and the maddening first?

Che's daughter poses nude (but armed) for PETA.

Copenhagen decides that walking helmets for pedestrians are a good idea.

Chas knows who the dope growers despoiling National forests are: it's those pesky Finns!

Scroll down to the second photo.

I should probably take this one more seriously: do novelists write better when they don't drink?

But not this one: the government has banned the sale of old children's books because they contain a miniscule amount of lead. Zero tolerance, no exceptions.

HUndreds of priceless bird skins, including ones collected by Darwin, have been stolen form the British Natural History Museum at Tring, where Lord Rothschild started the collection. Rogue taxonomists?

Many people-- Chas, Annie D, and others, sent me links to a CANARY FIGHTING ring-- see here, here, and here. I have never heard of such a thing, and would strongly suspect a hoax, except the names of the participants all seem Portuguese, even Cape Verdean, if names I know from my youth are typical. Could this be some weird ethnic thing?

Next post, more...edifying links.


Mark Churchill said...

I just brought a few of my old kiddie-lit books home from my dad's house, with the intention of donating them to Ellie's school library. Maybe that won't be happening after all...or maybe we can just post signs asking the children not to eat the books.

[Verification word: "jorackyl", which I would guess to be a fierce but obscure predator -- way tougher than a run-of-the-mill jackal.]

Mark Churchill said...

If you've ever seen a gibber italicus canary... might come to the conclusion that there are worse things to do with canaries than let them fight.