Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sheri and I did the trip to Jackson for her weekly chemotherapy on Friday, and on the way home, encountered this very visible herd of bighorn sheep again. The weather has been mild, with little snow cover and the sheep seem to be enjoying it.


Retrieverman said...

Wild sheep.

I've seen neither species of North American wild sheep yet, but they are on my life list of animals I must see.

Anonymous said...

The photos are so crisp and sharp - they're almost surreal.

Cat Urbigkit said...

Thanks, Smartdogs. We're lucky to have not just one, but several, herds of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep that are easily visible along roads in the Jackson Hole area. Near the small town of Alpine, Wyoming, it's a herd of mountain goats. I haven't found them yet this winter, but will make a drive over in the next few weeks to try to get a glimpse of them.