Thursday, May 13, 2010

5000 Year-Old Scammer?

David Z (see below) sent us the latest on Hari Scam and and, amazingly, it is even more ridiculous than what has gone before.

"Among the mixed-bag films at Tribeca this year, Thorkell Hardarson and Örn Marino Arnason’s Feathered Cocaine was arguably the most mixed. Alan Howell Parrott, an American Sikh convert, introduced falconry to the Middle East, much to his eternal regret. Though falcon populations had held stable for centuries of falconry practice, Persian Gulf smuggling now threatens the noble birds with extinction, transplanting them to inhospitable climates and polluting their gene pool with designer hybrids."

This goes beyond everything being lies including and and the, though it all is. Does the film actually make these claims or are the reviewers crazier or lazier then the filmmakers? Where is the North American Falconers Association? Hell, where are the Wall Street Journal and New York Times?

As Matt says, re Hari's introducing falconry to the Middle East,"Parrot introduced falconry TO THE MIDDLE EAST???? Wow--I had no idea the man was 5,000 YEARS OLD!"

One more odd thought-- why is a guy whom most Salafist Islamists would consider a Hindu heretic, and a convert at that, getting invited to hunt with them? Why would he want to?

I'd really like to get some planned stuff on science, dogs, old guns, and more, with pix, up, but I still tire easily and this mole needs whacking. Besides, he'd be hilarious if he were less dangerous, and if seemingly sane people weren't taking him seriously.


Max Inclined said...

I commented, quoting Mullenix, to the breitbart bighollywood website. Web journalism fails when people swallow this stuff whole.

Steve Bodio said...

I agree.Excellent whacking!

Helen said...

OMG. I was contacted by these icelandic filmmakers a long time ago. We had a friendly exchange - said they were making a film on falconry. THEN they said that Parrot was their consultant. I sent them a long message saying that he was a total nutburger and that he should not be taken seriously. Then I got in touch with the IAF and warned them. And look what happened. Sheesh. It's all so....depressing, tiring, ghastly. Hey ho.

Rachel Dickinson said...

You know, to non-falconers he's going to look like a fascinating guy.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that it seems to be the reviewer that messed up the facts. Parrot is credited in the film for starting the illegal trade, not falconry. Still dubious but less so. See the following link for quotes fro the directors/producers.


Max Inclined said...

Anyone else get the feeling that drama trumps facts?

mtrev said...

Steve Bodio, I married you and L. a few years ago and found you here! Could you email me? How you doing?
Jane Shipp

Steve Bodio said...

Jane, we are basically fine and would love to hear from you. Check out the whole recent blog for news and pix-- click on the title, scroll down-- and email at ebodio- at- gilanet- dot- com.