Thursday, May 06, 2010

Back to Blogging

Slowly. Until I tame the voice dictation software graciously given me by a friend the two hardest things to do are typing (five typos a line!)and cramped arthritic handwriting. Small movements are affected more than big ones.

Though those lost ground too, I am gaining. A bike provided by another friend and a membership in the Magdalena gym (!-- thanks to Mark Churchill for the suggestion) are helping. Let's hope strength comes back-- I am one of those writers who seems to need to walk to write-- "solvitur ambulando" in Bruce Chatwin's elegant borrowing-- and I cannot without great effort or for long-- yet. But I have good specialist doc, the best in NM (female, usually more of a fit for me), a good PT instructor (a Mormon cowboy from Wyoming) and a gym guy with the personality of a drill instructor and all are optimistic.

Other plans: short range waiting- on hawking with the Barb-teita (GS gone to a friend-- two mile chases a problem). Acquiring an Aplo for car hawking-- more when I know more. More hawking with dogs than long courses. More doves at waterholes than quail at 8000 feet. Deer at waterholes as well, and more organic lamb and barren ewe from my friend Pieter's local Dunhill ranch (posted about before-- search if you want pix-- too hard for HTML right now). Free elk from guides and wardens. Maybe a more efficient wood stove than our eighty- plus year old cookstove with its breadbox size log chamber!

Cutting down pigeon numbers but specializing in ones I can breed and sell, especially our "new" North American ("thief") Pouter. More on this as they evolve.

I WILL get by. Oh and-- all fly rods and a little hardy Perfect reel for sale at Jim Adams' in Berkeley CA. Two are unused spey rods- read about speys in the Spring 2010 Fly Rod and Reel. I'm continuing to fish bait for carp & catfish-- much easier.

Posts will be short for a while--pix (birds, guns) and a book and website review for John and Eileen Barsness's excellent new stuff-- but I am back.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Sounds like you're "getting there", and beating it!!

Have a summer of fun - you deserve one !

Thinking of you all .