Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Bird

After all the hints, he's here-- my "shotgun range" falcon! Yesterday we drove down to Bill Meeker's breeding facility east of El Paso (and general animal friendly house-- Ataika nearly went nuts trying to get to know --I hope only that!-- their totally intact skunk through the bedroom door) to pick up a chamber raised tiercel Red headed falcon of the sub- Saharan race. He is only two days out of the chamber, hoods well, eats on the fist,and bites like a dog. I love him.

Pix are mostly self explanatory--will get more later in the week. 500 miles in a day brings out every bad symptom of my every condition, but we had fun with Bill and Becky, and the bird is PERFECT.

And a couple of Becky with Taik and her koi tank just for fun...


Andrew Campbell said...

Congratulations, Steve! I know that drive -- and it is a long one. But to make the drive and find what looks like a spectacular bird seems to make it all the more worthwhile. Any news of the Monk?

all best

Matt Mullenix said...

Any distance for a good bird is OK by me.

Congratulations. And good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Portrait of a Happy Man at his leisure - pic 3 in yor armchair!

Hope this new bird gives you the fillip you deserve , and you have fun training it this season