Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo Blogging: Daniela's Pack

Daniela went to California to pick up a pup, one of the grandsons of her old Lahav, from falconer - scientist Alberto Palleroni. Their dam is a distinguished young lady from the Gulf who I believe has actually caught coyotes all by herself! They were raised around his Gyrs who like many such fed them, and they learn fast.

Three pups on what was once a hose. Blaze, the bold little smooth on the right, came to Magdalena with D., and we will give updates on him.

Daniela also created this sort of comic strip of the all- male household the pup, God help him, is joining (click to enlarge). The big old dog leading the action is Lahav, 12- year- old former coursing champ and grandfather of the pup, as well as father (by Lashyn) of Shunkar, the younger cream visible here, and our Irbis. The other dog is the inimitably goofy semi- lab rez dog Shugr, who has patiently raised the saluki pups like a doting aunt. (Lahav often finds them annoying).


Heather Houlahan said...

Wait ... what?

The hawk feeds the puppies?

Or am I misreading something?

Steve Bodio said...

Some, like this one, just sort of sling it around. But I have had TWO Gyr hybrid males who would bring food to the dogs at the fence and feed them just like nestlings.

Jess said...

Our oldest, Zora, who is now almost fourteen, thinks pups are only good for humping. Teaching them anything is up to the younger generation, though ours seem to come with digging instructions built in.