Friday, October 22, 2010

Button and Speke

Actual sign in Ruaha National Park sent by Jonathan Hanson:

Utter. Word. Fail.


Josh said...

As a former park interpreter, that just hurts.

PBurns said...

Hard to believe Red Buttons got that far south in his comedy routines ;)

Seriously though, I just had three awards made, and TWO of them had to be redone because the engravers (two separate companies) could not be bothered to get it right. And the both farked up a similar job last year too. Wherever you go, there they are -- flying monkeys!


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite inaccurate glitches on the many signs with such boo-boos here at the N. C. Zoo(and I'm probably going to get in trouble for publically pointing this out!) is one SPECIFICALLY done to explain to the general public about the use and purpose of scientific names identifying animals. This sign goes into great detail saying how important this is to correctly identify animals consistently for scientists among the common confusion of various colloquial names for the same animal. Then it uses a bird for an example, and then proceeds to first, USE THE INCORRECT scientific name for this bird, then later in the lesson, bring up said bird AGAIN, and use an entirely DIFFERENT scientific name!!! Not much harm has been done in confusing the public, however, as in depth educational signs like this rarely get read by the general public anyway!!!!....L.B.

Max Inclined said...

Why does that bit about the chief "using several areas of the park" make me think "as a toilet"?