Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Friends in action

New Mexico, Scotland, Pakistan-- everywhere friends with dog relatives and near- relatives seem to be having wonderful seasons. Starting close to home, Daniela attended an informal meet where, as she put it: "...every hound in the field that day was descendant from Libby & Steve's hounds, including these two 5 month puppies, Lily & Lola, bred by Warren Spencer, out of Kyran x Lashyn's daughter Roza, by Kyran x Ataika's son Cisco."

Warren with pups.


Warren with Harris (& innovative pole!)

As I said rather plaintively to D, I only wish I had been there-- hey guys, if I can walk in quail country I can on the plains! Many more wonderful photos- more dogs hawks, falconers, chases-- at her photo site here.

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