Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Plummer

Our thirteen- year- old English lurcher from David Hancock, once one of the best single- hand hare hounds in the southwest, father and grandfather of other great dogs, mostly content to dream on the couch.

Unless he sees a hare...


PBurns said...

I always smile when I see an old hunting dog dreaming, his legs twitching, the chase still on in the mist of his mind. We should all be so lucky to dream like that, and yet still be able to rise for one more run should the chance present itself. One more hare before I go, one more rabbit before I die.

Daniel Gauss said...

I believe there's some Plummer in Ashley, who now lives (and hunts) with us.

Anonymous said...

So good to see old Plummer looking content and deservedly comfortable.

He is a great character, and worthy of his chance to dream of the long dog version of "the young women in Woolworths!"

(Quote :Porterhouse Blue)

Seasons greetings to all in Magdelena, from an awfully cold
(for us) UK!