Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cyanocitta cristata

Somehow it always seems to surprise me when I see these Blue Jays of my youth out here at the western end of their range. I hadn't seen this many at once before at our feeders. There was a fourth who wouldn't cooperate with the photo process.

They ended up getting bullied off the food by a bigger Scrub-Jay.

But they'll be back now that the weather's turning.


CZLion said...

unnI have several Stellar Jays that feed off my patio but do miss the Blue Jays of my yout. They'd never venture as close as the Stellar's. They sit in the pear tree and thanks me for the sunflower seeds.


Anonymous said...

They are fun birds, I have been glad to see their population begin to recover from the West Nile Virus' appearance here in Connecticut. New England without Blue Jays, and for awhile crows, was a little odd.