Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cheerful Weekend

Despite work and deadlines.

Daniela visited with grandpup Shunkar; we attended a belated "Christmas" dinner chez Lassez (Xmas tradition for many years but snowed out of the Muleshoe Ranch high- altitude site; also Lib's birthday). Boeuf bourguignon (spelling?) and, from us, a braised hare appetizer c/o the late Cog, with chile & Chinese spices.

Pix: D,S, L in front of our casa; Jean- Louis and Catherine Lassez, fresh from BURMA, & Bodios, relaxing after meal, courtesy of naturalist John Wilson who should appear here soon (French women always look good, but Catherine, French dogs DO drool): Jessica's new boots (don't let the style queen thing mislead-- she is a high- powered water lawyer & married to sheep rancher Piet who often appears here); JL's unstaged reaction to Jessica's boots- do French males practice looks of comic lechery??; Pieter & Jessica with pan-Celtic flag for no reason at all; first example of JL's new 3-D art, "Don Juan".

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Anonymous said...

Just noticed Shunkar's picture - I love it when Sighthounds smile :)