Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baluchi Hounds

A collage of Baluchi hounds owned in Pakistan by Ali Hosnain, a member of my "extended dogfamily"; assembled by Jutta Rubesam in Germany.

Call them tazis or Asian salukis or aboriginal Afghans or what you will; I'd own one, and breed from it.


Jess said...

Ali Hasnain owns Sonya. Neelai and Pari are brother and sister.

There are more pictures of Neelai here. And of Sonya, Pari and others here.

Lovely dogs.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I think either of these pretty cream bitches would make a twin for a certain girl in a blue winter jacket you've seen a picture of. It is not at all unusual for contemporary Afghan litters born in the US to produce "Afghan Hounds" of this confirmation and coat patterning :)

Black Dog Lady

Neil Trilokekar said...

They are BEAUTIFUL! I would own one.
PS- Steve this is Neil from Tazi-L (remember?)

Steve Bodio said...

Of course, Neil! Email me at "ebodio- at- gilanet- dot com".

Mian Junaid said...

Hello steve
I m junaid from pakistan.
I do own these Afghan Hounds. We call them bakhmull.
They got damn stamina.
Can i have contact no. Or email Of Mr Ali Hosnain?
Junaid Shah

Steve Bodio said...

Junaid, I have forwarded this to Ali Hosnain. If he doesn't answer soon, email me at the address in the reply above yours and i will put you in touch.

Anonymous said...


I am looking for afghan tazi. Can you help me?
Thanks, carmen