Sunday, March 11, 2012

Apologies and some light blogging: Prairie Gos

Have been ruining my health and especially my right, mouse- running hand (Parkinson's overlaid with arthritis exacerbated by gout and maybe carpal tunnel syndrome- AAARGH!) working overtime on the last details for the eagle book- I promise a real cover soon. I need a few days away from this keyboard, working at the town library.To tide anyone who misses me over I'll put in a few photo posts, links, and quotes today-- SLOWLY.

Here is a wonderful shot of a Goshawk on the prairie by Tom Donald of Saskatchewan, falconer, pigeon man, pouter breeder, and pioneer (70's!) in the falcon- saluki chase on hares.

This a wild bird-- Gosses seem far less tree- bound than other Accipiters. I have had them shadow me while hunting birds in the prairies near Lewistown Montana, and they nest way out into the tundra in Siberia, in the low willows along streams. Migrants sometimes cross the Bering Straits and end up in such places as Wyoming; I always wonder about Siberian genes when I see one with color this light.

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