Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hot Links

This beautiful gold plaque is illustrated in a NY Times review of an exhibition of ancient art from Kazakhstan.

How to tell if you are an old fart. I liked this one: If the phrase “turn of the century” makes you think of the year 1900, you are an old fart.

The Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer issue printed editions. Sign of the times.

When I was a kid, I remember hearing all sorts of spooky apocryphal stories about Soviet cosmonauts who had been killed on secret space missions. I recently ran across this story about two Italian brothers who claim to have recorded radio transmissions from some of those missions.

A new DNA study seems to indicate that Neanderthals nearly went extinct in Europe around 50,000 years ago, long before the arrival of modern humans in the area. Parts of Europe were later recolonized by Neanderthals, who later disappeared after our ancestors arrived on the scene. This article has a very nice picture of the possible Neanderthal cave art that I posted on about a month ago.


Anonymous said...

I'm nineteen and I still feel like "turn of the century" = 1900.

Also that is a damned shame about the Encyclopedia Britanica. I like having acess to encyclopedia information when not at a computer, dagnabbit!

Anonymous said...

I STILL look up stuff in my circa 1960's Compton encyclopedias my parents got for us kids way back when--and yeah, I guess I AM an old fart(sigh...)I still like the quote(I think it was from Francis Bacon, originally)that someone "old" was anyone 15 years older than one's self!......L.B.

Chas Clifton said...

There was a piece about the Italians hearing the supposed cosmonauts' deaths in Reader's Digest years ago.

I was never sure whether to believe it or not, because I had been told somewhere that that magazine's publisher occasionally lent its pages to the CIA etc. to publish disinformation.