Sunday, March 11, 2012

One more irresitible quote

"There are times when the most amused and phlegmatic traveler in the Phillipines (and elsewhere) yearns for a country of deep reserve and formality where everyone calls each other "Sir" or "Madam" and wishes to know no personal fact of any kind. This country, it is true, sounds like a cross between Claridge's and Ladakh."

James Hamilton Paterson, from Playing With Water

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Moro Rogers said...

Ladakh, heh. Right at this moment I am wearing a t-shirt with 3 cartoon yaks, the caption is 'Yak Yak Yak...Ladakh.' My brother got it for me there maybe half a year ago. (I doubt he found it full of deep reserve and formality...Indian folks always seem to find him very personable for some reason.=p)