Friday, May 18, 2012

Back from Texas

Pluvialis and I met in Austin to immerse ourselves in TH White's archives which were nothing less than INCREDIBLE. There are whole books there, one of which Helen is writing and a couple that Tim White already has. Much blogging will ensue, quotes, prospective works, writing profound and brilliant, silly, drunken, honest, hilarious, and fully Terence Hanbury White. I am glad Helen thought of it; I always had the idea in the back of my head but might never have acted. Were we the first researchers in all the years to share White's actual interests?

Teaser quotes: "Learn incessantly, incessantly, incessantly, about everything."

On a goshawk: "It is Caligula, it is the Pan of panic, it is Edgar Allen Poe..."

Two slightly fried White scholars:
To be continued, at length....


Lauren McGough said...

This makes me SO happy!

One of the first falconry books I ever read was "The Goshawk" and, even though I've not reread it in years, snippets of White's insight always poke in the back of my mind.

What a fantastic idea!

peter hill said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip; as a T H White fan waiting for follow up books,blogs etc

Matt Mullenix said...

Wish I had known! They have a road from Bton Rouge to Austin!

Luisa said...

Oh, yes, please write lots about this. I'm terribly happy for you both and envious all at once.

Reid Farmer said...

Two of our favorites together at last - in one picture!