Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another bird photo

California Condor in the Grand Canyon by Paul Domski.

Hint: enlarge (click) and look at the length of its head proportional to the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, REALLY different! I sure would like to see a wild condor someday......In distinguishing between Golden eagles and Turkey Buzzards in the Southern Appalachians(where we DO get the occaisional Golden) that were high up and harder to tell apart, I noticed Goldens tend to hold their wings much straighter, whereas Turkey Vultures almost always have that distinctive "tilt" to their wing set. Also, the Golden eagles usually didn't hang around--always seemed to be heading somewhere in a direct line. Bald eagles(the adults, anyway) are EASY! Anything THAT big with that unmistakable white head can't be anything else! At least in North America!....L.B.