Friday, August 10, 2012

More Michael Gruber

... who just seems to have a lot to say about the writer's life these days. A recent one, "Advantages of selling ceiling tile over being a writer" is irresistible. Read it all, but I can't resist sampling:

"2. It is unlikely that you will have the urge to sell ceiling tile in a bar at 1:30 am, and desperately search around for some tile to sell, ignoring the attractive person you are with."

"7. Your customers will not confuse you with your ceiling tile; they will understand that you are a person and you just sell it, nor will they try to divine your biography from the little holes in the ceiling tile."

"10. Most important: you will not ever have anything to do with the motion picture industry, even if you are the best ceiling tile salesman in the nation..."

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