Friday, August 17, 2012

"Some good "Doggie" news !"

...writes John Hill, "Johnny UK" of Norfolk: an anecdotal antidote to the gloom in the post below.

"It was the Finals Day at the Wildfowlers Gundog Training classes yesterday... June decided to come as well, as she had been to a few classes, and wanted to see how Poppy competed... We all registered,and were all given numbers - pretty formal! Poppy did pretty well, I thought, stopping on the whistle, being directed.

"The judges then called back two dogs for a runoff-- Poppy was one! There was a toss- up for a first runoff, and the Judges marked them equally... so they set a more difficult task, and we tossed again for first try.

"The other guy, with an 18- month old, huge, yellow dog, was a professional "picker up" on shoots, and won the toss, so went first. His dog missed the long- distance dummy, thrown over a ditch with a pistol shot, into long cover... waiting patiently, and steadily, Poppy , 15 months, marked hers perfectly, went straight to it, but lost it in the cover. I stopped her on the whistle, sent her to the spot, she made a perfect retrieve, and was adjudged "FIRST!".

"Only time I have entered a dog into a working test, and she won !! I have a trophy for the year, a bag of Skinners dog food, and a plastic trophy to keep, but it might as well been solid gold!! Bit like winning the Olympics!!"

I must scan some pix of John here in the "old days".

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Anonymous said...

I must scan some pix of John here in the "old days".

Oh Dear!! - only kidding ..... interesting to see??