Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Here's a short but interesting piece from Aviation Week on the 1980s US Air Force program that flew a variety of Soviet MiG fighter aircraft (that had been obtained through a variety of means) both for performance evaluation and in an aggressor role against our aircraft. The money quote serves as the title:  "We didn’t know what 90 percent of the switches did"

Up top I've put up a picture I took of a Polish MiG-21 I used to see frequently on the flightline at Mojave Airport. Underneath is a Czech MiG-21 I saw last summer in Ontario, Oregon.

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Darrell said...

Those who live in the Colorado Springs area are used to seeing various USAF aircraft flying over and around the Academy on home game football Saturdays. Some years ago I was watching the procession--A B52, among others, were orbiting the stadium. I spied a small red plane tailing the BUFF--it looked for all the world like an old MIG 15 or 17. Privately owned, I believe.